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Monday, September 7, 2009

What if I had 3 minutes to make my case

What if I had 3 minutes with a health care czar to ask for what I think we need

Okay, the timer is running...

1. Reduce costs of health care by a. reforming the malpractice system at a federal level to reduce malpractice insurance costs and reduce "cover-your-ass" medical spending b. introducing cost transparency, whereby providers and patients know what everything costs and can make informed decisions and c. creating teams of healthcare professionals to identify waste in practice and administration.

2. Insure everybody by expanding medicare to cover those who can't afford insurance, and revamping medicare to encourage a "medical home" model that provides care for patients through primary care providers who know them well. This would include better coverage and compensation for patients and providers who participated in the new medicare program, and education in cost effective and appropriate medicine to providers of care.

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